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‘Trust me, this is a great true story’ – Ken Follett

‘This is an unbelievable story that is all completely true. The life described is astonishing. John Carr has done an extraordinary and riveting job uncovering the real father behind the dad he thought he knew.’ – Lord Tony Hall

‘Utterly Compelling. It is an extraordinary tale, brilliantly written’ – Alastair Stewart

‘Extraordinary. An adventure story in the most terrible circumstances, a kid facing the most desperate dangers but taking fantastic risks with great boldness’ – Fiona MacTaggart

‘The remarkable story of a Jewish boy who killed a Nazi guard and escaped the Holocaust aged 13’ – The Times

‘Unputdownable. A gripping, life affirming story of survival against seemingly impossible odds.’ – Deborah Cadbury, author of Prince at War

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    Carr John

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    Literatura obcojęzyczna

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