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Nothing is what it seems. Everything has an impact. Everything changes. Immerse yourself in a story where the complicated fates of unique beings seem trivial compared to a much more intricate pattern of history.

The Mitrys trilogy is a set of a wider series of DUALREALM CHRONICLES.

The universe of two continents, engulfed in fratricidal and interracial conflicts, becomes the canvas for the adventures of two heroes, a skilled shaman and a Dark-tainted assassin. Inexorable destiny makes the paths of their fates finally cross. Successive difficult choices change them internally and shape them towards the hostile future that awaits them. Each of them will eventually have to face the coming cruelty of the plans of Semael, the Mage of Darkness, who long ago sold his soul to the ruthless and ambitious deity of Darkness.

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    Kopijer Paweł

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  • Oprawa: 

    Miękka ze skrzydełkami

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