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By the scope of a remarkably informed analysis, the coherence of the reasoning, its relevance, and the sharpness of the gaze, this intellectually far-reaching synthesis opens up the opportunity to rethink rural Poland. I am convinced that Professor Halamska’s book will mark a breakthrough in the field of social sciences, both in Poland and more widely in Europe.
Prof. Marie-Claude Mariel

Maria Halamska’s work is a revealing, lucidly presented, and in-depth compendium, one that is essential for all researchers of rural areas. It is going to occupy a permanent place in the Polish social sciences. The author has incorporated the rich and subtly nuanced social history of rural Poland over the past century into a single volume.
Prof. Roch Sulima

The volume is an original synthesis, mainly based on analyses performed within the project titled Continuity and Change: One Hundred Years of Development of the Polish Countryside, which was carried out in 2015–2019 at the Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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    Halamska Maria

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    Historia Archeologia

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