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Starter Polish flashcards. Fiszki dla początkujących (A1)

29.99 zł

We send in: 24 hours
Starter Polish flashcards. Fiszki dla początkujących (A1)

ISBN: 978-83-7843-182-4

Publisher: Cztery Głowy

Year: 2014

Pages: 300 kartoników / 300 plików mp3 do pobrania

Binding: pudełko kartonowe

Size: 8,5 x 17,5

Edition: 1


Level: podstawowy (A1)

Publication language: polski/angielski

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570 words and phrases

STARTER includes 570 words and phrases essential for everyone who is starting to learn Polish. The material is divided into 14 units that introduce, card by card, new lexical and grammatical issues.

Grammar rules are written on flashcards in the form of short and simple comments, which makes it easier to understand the basics of Polish grammar.

100 minutes of audio material

Thanks to professional recordings of all the keywords written on flashcards you will increase the effectiveness of your learning process, learn the correct pronunciation and be encouraged to speak.

The code inside the box permits you to download 300 mp3 files. Each file contains a recording of each keywords from a single card (a recording format: English keyword – Polish keyword – a pause for you to repeat). A SPELL feature displays Polish keywords on the screen of your player or phone.

The files can be downloaded to any device that can play mp3 files or they can be recorded onto a CD.

Learning by a quiz

Three coloured sections turn the box into a learning machine – MEMOBOX®.

The MEMOBOX® learning system is based on a method by a German specialist in the field of the psychology of learning, Sebastian Leitner. The MEMOBOX® guarantees that you revise all of the material effectively and at optimal intervals.

Learning by a quiz provides a lot of fun, but also motivates you to study regularly.

Handy case

Thanks to the handy, plastic case you can have some cards on you at all times – in a bag, in a pocket or in a wallet. This enables you to repeat the material at times that are usually unproductive – while travelling, in a queue or on the beach.


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