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Gry i zabawy językowe. Język polski jako obcy


EAN: 9788360229828

Price: 89.00 zł
75.65 zł

We send in: 3-5 days
Gry i zabawy językowe. Język polski jako obcy

ISBN: 978-83-60229-82-8

Publisher: Prolog

Year: 2018

Pages: 66 kart

Binding: kartonowa

Size: 21,0 x 27,4

Series: Survival Polish Crash Course; Hurra!

Level: A0-A1

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GRY I ZABAWY JĘZYKOWE  is a carefully designed set of teaching aids for learning Polish as a foreign language, created for teachers who want to conduct their classes (both - group and individual) in an attractive way.

66 A4 boards contain various activating tasks: quizzes, board games, exercises with loopholes, cards with situation scenarios, etc. In combination with rich illustrative material, they are a great tool to help students consolidate vocabulary and learn basic structures from A0 / A1 level. Simple, intuitive tasks encourage to the greatest possible language activity and create many opportunities for fun and group integration.

Appropriately stiffened boards are reusable. Particular parts of the games are ready to be cut out, and depending on the needs of the teachers, the boards can be additionally copied.

GRY I ZABAWY JĘZYKOWE  can be used in group and individual lessons. The brochure included in the set contains a description of all games along with practical tips and various implementation options for specific tasks.

The instructions book contains tables with hints, which games can be used as supplementary or repetitive material in working with the textbooks HURRA!!! Po polsku 1  and SURVIVAL POLISH CRASH COURSE. Due to their universal character, GRY I ZABAWY JĘZYKOWE  can, however, be used on all courses at the A0 / A1 level.


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