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It lets you juxtapose disparate elements, styles, and media against each other and create something entirely novel, bizarre, arresting, beautiful, ironic, or unsettling. Old and new can be fused together; the digital and hand-made can be combined.

What you can create with collage knows no bounds.

This little book is full of big ideas from contemporary collage artists to inspire you to think differently. It’s the perfect gift for creative friends and family, providing inspiration for curious beginners as well as seasoned collagists looking for new ways of working.

With a new idea on every page, you will discover fresh ways of tackling the medium to create work that is original and exciting.

Ideas include:
– monoprint
– embroidery
– felting
– portraiture
– painting
– body art
– sketchbooking
– miniature dioramas
– Surrealism
– Photoshop
– and many more!

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    Moore Alannah

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    Literatura obcojęzyczna

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