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Rooted charts a quiet revolution taking place in our fields, barns and hedgerows, led by a new generation of farmers on a path of powerful change.

Sarah Langford had left her country roots behind to live and work in the city as a barrister. But when she found herself back in the countryside, gravitating towards an agricultural life she never thought would be hers, she saw her fellow farmers dealing with very different problems to those who had come before. A hostile press and public, together with Brexit, climate change and environmental pressures had combined to create a burden that many farmers felt had become impossible to bear.

Having found herself unexpectedly in charge of a Suffolk farm, Sarah tells the story of the people she met who taught her what it means to be a farmer. An authentic, beautifully written portrait of twenty-first century farming life, her book puts a powerful case: that the task of restoring our earth and ensuring a sustainable future lies in the hands of those who live closest to the land.

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    Langford Sarah

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    Literatura obcojęzyczna

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