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An essential guide to navigating our data-driven world, from one of the most influential psychologists of the twenty-first century

Is more data always better?
Do algorithms really make better decisions than humans?
Can we stay in control in an increasingly automated world?

Drawing on examples from all spheres of life - media literacy, online dating, self-driving cars, the justice system, health records - Gerd Gigerenzer shows how, when it comes to data and decision making, more isn't always better: when dealing with uncertainty, the elegant and nuanced simplicity of human reasoning beats complex algorithms time and time again.

Filled with practical examples and cutting-edge research, How to Stay Smart in a Smart World examines the growing role of AI at all levels of daily life with refreshing clarity. This book is a liferaft in a sea of information and an urgent invitation to actively shape the digital world in which we want to live.

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    Gigerenzer Gerd

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