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Journey back to the world of the Tudors, with the second book in an exciting new children's history series

Winter has come; and in a far distant land, a warrior queen is expecting a child...

Step through these pages and into the Tudor court: a dangerous world, where one misstep could cost your life. Through the eyes of Henry VIII's six very different queens, from a brave Spanish princess to a wise English widow, historian Dominic Sandbrook takes us on a thrilling journey through the twists and turns of a dramatic age. For no one is safe from the wheel of fortune: it can take you from a golden throne to the Tower of London...

In the Adventures in Time series, Dominic Sandbrook brings the past alive for twenty-first century children. This unique publishing venture will allow a new generation to discover the thrills and spills of history. These are exhilarating adventures, every bit as exciting as classic children's fiction. The only difference is that they happen to be true.

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    Sandbrook Dominic

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    Twarda z obwolutą

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    Literatura obcojęzyczna

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