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Polski krok po kroku. POLISH FOR FOREIGNERS COURSEBOOK with MP3 to download

Price: 79.00 zł
63.20 zł

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Polski krok po kroku. POLISH FOR FOREIGNERS COURSEBOOK with MP3 to download

ISBN: 978-83-930731-0-8

Publisher: Glossa

Year: 2020

Pages: 180

Binding: miękka, szyta klejona

Size: 21,0 x 29,7

Edition: 4

Level: A1

Publication language: polski

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"Polski, krok po kroku" is, currently, the most modern and universal publication on the market. It is written only in Polish in order to immerse students in the new language from the very first class and mobilise them to use it; it is an excellent solution for international groups and individual classes. It may be successfully used at intensive courses and semester courses conducted at universities.

Its advantages are clear grammar tables, intuitive explanation of grammar issues via dialogues, wide range of vocabulary, high quality and natural recordings, as well as very attractive graphic layout designed not only to decorate, but also to create new opportunities for speaking. Communication is the superior, consistently implemented objective throughout the book in all its activities. Grammar issues are incorporated into the communication context, automating exercises often have the form of a dialogue, whereas conversations and texts sound very natural. Students will also value the plot of the book. It presents the adventures of four characters who came to Cracow for a language course and unique holidays. Here, they get to know the city, deal with various issues, cook and fall in love...

The online version of the coursebook provides every teacher and student with additional exercises and recordings. There are many tests, language games and grammar commentaries in the teacher book of this series.

Polski krok po kroku is also:


All exercises, dialogues and grammar charts are prepared in such a way that the student doesn’t require any comments in their own language. Many rules can be discovered by students themselves. New vocabulary items are explained through a context. What is important in the book are colours thanks to which grammar charts and sets of rules are clear and comprehensible. They can be intuitively completed by the students and the colours help to remember new endings.


The book’s advantage is a wide variety of words and phrases, also from everyday speech. Grammar is always introduced in a communication material. Together with traditional grammar exercises we offer gapped dialogues to set the material in the situational context.


The coursebook includes numerous listening materials. Not only are all dialogues recorded, but also a lot of exercises, as we think that good listening skills are the basis of effective communication.


Our book is a supplement of e-polish.eu Internet platform offering a rich variety of ready to use materials for teaching Polish as a second language. It is worth checking what kind of exercises are offered to accompany a given material from the book. Next to every exercise in the book there is a note saying where a given language issue could be found on the Internet platform. The students can do alternative exercises, check the answers, listen to the recordings, clarify doubts. There is also an extensive Teacher’s Book available online.

Polski, krok po kroku will immerse you in the Polish environment and you will have no choice but to use Polish all the time, in all types of everyday situations. Together with a group of friends from different countries you will live in Krakow - the most popular city in Poland, a seat of learning, a city of magnificent monuments, rich cultural life and unforgettable atmosphere. You will quickly discover that this is the place for studying Polish and an ideal location for exceptional holidays. Together you will not only learn the language, but also go shopping, eat in restaurants, cook, visit interesting places and discover Polish culture. Living with a Polish family, you will have the chance to experience Polish hospitality and become familiar with Polish customs. Experienced and enthusiastic teachers, who treat their work as a genuine passion, will show you the ins and outs of the Polish language.

Polski, krok po kroku is written only in Polish, as this method of presenting a new language brings the best results. It leads students into the language system in a natural way and from the very start encourages you to speak in Polish. As this handbook constitutes a part of a larger interactive course in Polish, available at e-polish.eu , it can equally be used for studying on your own. The website includes comments in different languages and a multimedia dictionary, which allows you to learn without the help of teachers. Next to each exercise in the handbook there is a number which helps you to find the exercise in the Internet course and check the answers, listen to the recordings or do alternative exercises that will help in consolidating the material or explaining any doubts you may have. A special memorisation system shortens the time necessary for learning new words and phrases. Thanks to the large number of illustrations and audio materials, learning comes naturally - as it does with children, who acquire their mother tongue by observing the world and listening to the sounds that surround them.

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