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EAN: 9788360229668

Price: 36.50 zł
32.85 zł

We send in: 24 hours

ISBN: 978-83-60229-66-8

Publisher: Prolog

Year: 2017

Pages: 168

Binding: miękka (PB)

Size: 15,2 x 23,3

Series: Testuj Swój Polski

Level: A1-B1

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PHONETICS (FONETYKA) is a new entry in the series TEST YOUR POLISH (TESTUJ SWÓJ POLSKI). Foreigners will find a wide selection of exercises devoted to pronunciation and differentiation, among others, between a series of problematic alveolo-palatal consonants (ś, ź, ć, dź), postalveolar consonants (sz, ż, cz, dż), consonant clusters (ść, szcz, źdź, żdż) or nasal vowels ą, ę.

Tasks contained in PHONETICS (FONETYKA) will also help to check and systematize materials related to intonation, accent and phonetic changes that occur in the Polish language within the same word, as well as the whole sentence.

An integral part of PHONETICS (FONETYKA)are recordings, for the purpose of, among others, presenting model pronunciation of all the vowels and consonants. Thanks to the recordings, learners of Polish as a foreign language can improve the perception and differentiation of certain sounds, and also have the opportunity to compare their own pronunciation with the model pronunciation of Polish teachers.

The exercises in PHONETICS (FONETYKA) are designed for individual work, but can also be used by teachers for group courses as supplementary course material. In order to do the exercises properly, knowledge of specific vocabulary or grammar is not required, because students from levels A1-A2 and even individuals just beginning to learn the Polish language can work with PHONETICS (FONETYKA),.

The book includes:

  • 70 varied phonetic exercises with answer key
  • recordings for most exercises
  • interesting facts about phonetic changes
  • practical information about the formation and differentiation of sounds
  • collation of Polish sounds with their equivalents in English
  • humorous drawings to facilitate the understanding of certain phonetic problems
  • Mini-dictionary PL / ENG / DE


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