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Problems with logging in?HEADING_TITLE

Our bookstore for the concern of data security of our Customers, has introduced additional security in the form of a picture code to rewrite it when logging in. For simplicity we will add that the system does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters. So if, for example, the image sequence shows a large letter "L", You can type the small letter "l" and if the rest of the characters will be rewritten as indicated image then everything should be all right.

Login system in our bookstore has been adapted to a standard computer security and is optimized for the most users of standard browsers. Unfortunately, frequent updates of Windows and IE sometimes cause unexpected system conflicts.

The most common problems with logging may be due to many reasons, for example it might be:

  • wrong e-mail address. While creating an account there has been given a wrong e-mail address; HINT: we highly recommend You to pay special attention to the entered email address while creating an account, because it will be simultaneously Your login. Remember that the email address will be necessary to log in. Immediately after creating Your account, You will receive an automatic confirmation of registration. The lack of this email may suggest that while registering You gave the wrong email address (eg. with typo). Please also check the "spam" folder because many email programs can treat the automatic emails as unwanted. We suggest that You should also add our address zamówienia[at]poltax.waw.pl to Your list of trusted senders to provide that future notifications related to Your orders won't fell to a "spam" folder.
  • too high level of browser security. For the "Internet Explorer" browser; HINT: we recommend that the security level was set to "custom". Before You log in again, please clear the "cookies", close the browser and enter again.
  • disabled or locked acceptance of cookies (cookies) - without this option, You can not log on. Please check if there are some personal files locked; HINT: Please enable cookies in your browser, ideally try to log in to the test on the second browser.
  • enabled software like firewall, spyware or antywir -some programs causing the conflict in the acceptance of personal files and treat "cookies" from the domain ksiegarnia.poltax.waw.pl as a dangerous file. HINT: Disable for a moment to test all firewalls, antiviruses and other programs that may interfere with the login process
  • You use a proxy blocking the sending data to the login page. HINT: Disable the proxy in the browser and enable a direct connection to the Internet.
  • Still wrong rewritten code from the image. HINT: Clear cookies and data in the browser, restart the computer and try to log in again or using a different browser.
  • Please also pay attention to what exactly password is entered in the "password" field. If you used the password reminder option You have to use password received with last email

    If there are still some problems with logging in, please use or install a web browser such as: www.firefox.pl, and check if You can make purchases using this browser. This solution makes no changes to the default browser configuration, eg. IE6, which will not decrease the level of security.

    In a situation when problems with logging in will still occur, please contact with Customer Service Department.


    Contact numbers:

    tel./fax. +48 22 632 38 38
    Mobile: + 48 665 705 444

    (Monday - Friday: 9.00 to 17.00)

    Live chat with our customer service office
    (Monday - Friday: 9.00 to 17.00)

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