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Personal collection in InPost 24/7 parcels
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Can I pay for the COD package by cash? 
Unfortunately, no.... 

How does the process of paying for the COD package looks? 
After receiving the text message and e-mail, the recipient should pay for the package in the manner indicated in the text message and e-mail.... 

What is the maximum value of the COD package that You can send? 
The maximum value of the COD package is 5 000 zł.... 

Are all InPost Parcels support cash on delivery packages? 
Almost all parcels have cards terminals! (POS terminals).... 

Where you can make the payment for COD package? 
Payment for the COD package can be made in choosen Parcel.... 

Can I choose the option to pay by delivery for InPost package? 
Of course it is possible. Currently, all the InPost parcels accept payment by credit card while collecting. Therefore it is necessary to have a credit card (there is no cash payment possible).... 

Can I change the InPost parcel address after confirming my order? 
After confirming the order, Customer can not change the InPost parcer address by by himself. However, You can send an e-mail about this, and in Customer Service working hours - You can call.... 

Do I have to receive in the parcels near the place of my residence? 
There is no need to do this, because of full freedom of choice the between the parcels. When ordering simply enter the postcode of where You will staying on the day of receipt (work, delegation, etc.).... 

Why I have not received the SMS/e-mail notification about delivering my package? 
Missing SMS message about delivery of the package to InPost parcel may be due to a false indication of a phone number.... 

I received an e-mail with the information that my shipment has been registered. It's been two days and I have not received a shipment yet 
Generating/preparing a label for the parcel is not equivalent to the physical departure of the pack.... 

When the shipments are transferred back to the Sender? 
Packages are stored in InPost parcels for a period of 48 hours. After this time, for the next 3 days they are ready to receive in the InPost Department, and next they are transmitted back to the sender.... 

Will I get a reminder about the receipt of the package? 
InPost will send a reminder via SMS and e-mail after the second working day from the date of delivery the package to InPost parcels.... 

How much time do I have to receive the package after being notified of its delivery to InPost parcel? 
Since inserting the package to the box in the InPost parcel, the shipment is waiting to receive for 48 hours.... 

How will I know that I can pick up a package from InPost parcel? 
At the moment that the package is delivered by courier to InPost parcel, InPost system sends a notification via SMS and e-mail with the information that the package is ready for pickup.... 
Displaying 1 to 14 (of 14 FAQs) 
Result Pages:  1  

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